beckett and castle ;) — Anonymous

what was their first kiss like: Amazing.

where were they their first time having sex: Up against the door of Beckett’s apartment probably. She still had one shoe on.

who’s louder: Oh, definitely Beckett.

who wakes up first: Beckett.

favorite form of foreplay: Crime. Scenes. And then discussing theories while they take off their clothes.

who performs/receives oral more often: Their partnership is pretty equal in all respects.

what kink they most often use: Dirty talk. They also enjoy pitching sex scene ideas for Nikki Heat to each other after a long day fighting crime. Given how much Beckett likes to tease (and how much Castle likes to be teased), I imagine that plays a heavy role in their power play dynamics – orgasm denial or ‘look but don’t touch until I’m ready’ on Beckett’s part would hit all their buttons simultaneously.

who more often tries new things: Castle is definitely more likely to suggest a new scenario, Beckett is more likely to suggest a new toy.

if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would it be:  Hmm, tough. I don’t see them being the threesome kind. I think they’d be much more likely to talk through the scenario (“I’d do this, you’d do that, she’d do that”) while having sex themselves rather than actually involve a third party. Though I have always thought jealous!Beckett would be willing to compete sexually with Natalie Rhodes.

favorite toy: I feel like once he uncovers it, Castle is quite fond of Beckett’s paddle. And there’s always her police cuffs. (All I can think of is the pilot to be honest – he’d be happy to let her spank him.)

is there a certain thing one of them can’t have sex without: Beckett has to be in control. She prefers to top* but if they’re going to switch she has to know the exact parameters. So it’s lucky Castle’s more than willing to spin a story.

their general feelings on sex in the relationship: They’ve always sparked off each other, and they both love the reactions they get when they tease, and I think that sex is important in their relationship, but it’s organic as well – a natural extension of their partnership. They both bring something different to the table, but they build off each other, just like they do solving cases, and just like they do in terms of the non-sexual aspect of a romantic relationship. I don’t think they ever really think about how important sex is, because it’s just a part of their whole. (An enjoyable, incredibly hot part.)

how careful are they about using protection: Beckett’s a ‘I’d rather take care of that myself’ kind of girl – she definitely uses some kind of contraception she personally controls. But they’re both overly careful about all kinds of protection until the sexual relationship is less new and they’ve talked about it openly.

a fantasy of one that the other will never be able/willing to fulfil: while Beckett’s happy to use Nikki and Rook as blatant metaphors for their sex life, she refuses to actually role play as Nikki.

*Side note: I think dominant = sadist, submissive = masochistic is too often conflated and far too narrow, especially here. Firstly, I don’t think either of them are heavily masochistic or sadistic, though they both enjoy inflicting and feeling a little pain. But I do think their power dynamic is fairly strongly established, and Beckett is definitely more dominant. So even in scenarios indulging that masochistic streak, she’s almost always controlling it, making the demands. I do think she’d get a bit of a thrill from giving that up, but like I said, it would only come with a lot of time and trust and with fairly rigid parameters.

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